Project Notes:
This Project started over 18 months ago as a trade that got out of control and my need to organize. Sources were the best available at time of archiving, using, and Some shows warranted 2 sources.

Q: Show X has a new improved source/transfer out now, will the disc containing said show be redone?
A: Eventually, unless there are disc space limitations, then it will be added on at the end.

Q: Why are the 2000 and 2003 officially released boots omitted?
A: Only Audience recorded shows were included for those years due to the passionate debate over sharing official boots.

Q: Where is (insert snl/eddie solo/neiljam or other non-pj appearance) in the archives?
A: This is strictly a Pearl Jam Concert Anthology.

Q: Will those be included later?
A: Possibly.

Q: How will I know that my current disc #x is the most current?
A: Check the MD5 files hosted on against the ones you have on your disc.

Q: Why is no artwork included for x show?
A: Noone has submitted any yet. If you would like to add some send it to

Artwork :,
Research :,,,
Gathering : tsis hub, bry hub,, snail mail, and ftp

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the sites used in development of this project, all tapers, encoders, everyone who ever shared a show with a fellow fan, the band, the crew, and my fellow fan base.

Special thanks to bill graham for everything he has done for our community, and luis for lighting the match.